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Suicide is still the single biggest killer of young British men. The reasons are myriad, sometimes opaque and always individual, and men, shockingly, still make up three-quarters of those who take their own life in the UK.

Despite recently released figures showing male suicide rates in the UK have fallen to their lowest levels in more than 30 years – in 2017, there were 4,383 male suicides and the rate was 15.5 per 100,000 men, down from 20 in the late Eighties, according to data from the Office For National Statistics – death by suicide remains the biggest killer in men between 15 and 35 in the UK. I never felt like I could rest easily when such a tragic thing could happen to me, more of of my friends, my family, my neighbour, someone working for me, or someone sitting in an audience that I speak too.

What do I want to achieve with my work? I really only have one goal; I'd like to eradicate the phrase 'We never saw it coming'. If it's data and Ai that helps me do that, so be it. But it's also got to be about re-educating society on what we mean by normal.
Pete Trainor
Power and Responsibility Conference, 2018
In 2016 a group of us came together to form a coalition called ‘ManMade’. The vision behind ManMade was that with enough varying skills and perspectives on Male Suicide, steps could be made to find innovative methods of prevention and intervention. The group included the Police, Suicide Survivors, relatives of victims, government officials, suicide prevention specialists… and me, the technologist and Design Strategist.

Help before we know we need it?

I’m committed to offering my expertise in Data and strategic Design to help find methods of care and support outside the usual channels. It’s not about CSR, or some kind of charity thing either, it’s because I don’t want my son ever to feel like he’s lost, or lonely, or forgotten about.

For the past 3 years I have used my resources, money, speaking opportunities, and research to look at technologies role in combatting the growing problem of suicide. We haven’t pushed any of our technology out into the wild because of the inherent dangers of getting it wrong. But we have spent a lot of time and resources inventing, innovating, coding, designing, researching and making to see if there is a role for technology in this space… the signals are looking positive.

The Insight

Men will talk, they will say what is on their mind. They do have issues that need to be unpacked… but they won’t always speak directly with another human.

The Vision

Create systems that listen, give basic advice, offer distractions at points of crisis, and ultimately point men at the right human intervention. Smart triage.

“Meet the chatbots doing your job”

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Why is this the right time?


Because of ubiquitous mobile technology, we’re not generating, and collecting more data than ever before.


Better processing of data, advancements in NLP technology, and growing sentiment analysis capability.


For the first time in digital history, we have the ability to deliver realtime, totally tailored content.

Ai is not THE solution. Ai is just ONE solution. It needs to be factored into the broader human eco-system. Ultimately used as triage, not a replacement.

Pete Trainor

ManMade, Birmingham, 2016

Expert Advisors and Collaborators

Nobody fights this fight alone, and I feel really priviliged to work with many incredible minds from across the entire spectrum of support and prevention. It’s really important in this line of work to have access to experts, qualified professionals, and people who work at the very forefront of the issues. My team of advisors, contacts, and front-line workers helps keep the work focused, ethically grounded, and focused on the right issues.

Terry Rigby

Founder and Director of Forward For Life

Caron Thompson

Founder and director of common unity

Jonny Benjamin MBE

award-winning mental health campaigner



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