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Get in Touch

Pete is available to speak at your event, or talk to your team. However because of time demands, all bookings and PR requests need to be made through one of the following routes.

P.R and Media Requests
Pete Trainor

London, UK



U.K Bookings

60 Square St, Ramsbottom, Bury BL0 9AZ


International Bookings
Laurinci Speakers Bureau

+1 203 243 0479


Pete represents the rare alchemy of a tech expert who expresses himself in a really human way. A high point in any conference or event I’ve been to in recent years.
Dan Machen
Director of Innovation, Hey Human


Commonly asked questions.

How much do you charge?

That depends on the type of engagement, and I leave it to my agents to negotiate appropriate fees.

There are many variables when considering a speaking engagement. For instance, if the keynote is going to take place overseas, I need to factor in travel and accommodation.

As much as possible I also try and tailor every talk to the audience, and the theme of the event. So my fee usually takes into consideration any preparation time.

Will you speak for free?

It’s becoming rarer that I will agree to speak for free, largely because of the time and energy that I put into every event.

That said, I will consider some free speaking opportunities if they are exactly that, an opportunity. For instance, I won’t take a fee for anything charitable. I will also consider wavering a fee if the event may lead to future business.

What topics can you speak about?

Because of my broad range of interrelated skills. I can cover a wide range of topics;

  • Mental Health, and technologies applications in treatment and support of Mental Health.
  • Artificial Intelligence, its past, present and future.
  • Business strategy and changing business models.
  • Future of Financial Services.
  • Designing with Big Tech.

Will you chair an event?

I often chair panels and events. I love to chair. Please do get in touch if you require someone who is comfortable herding cats, and engaging audiences in-between speakers and panels.

"Do Better Things."
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