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I consider my position of being asked to talk to audiences, big and small, all over the world an absolute privilege and an honour. To be able to tell the stories I do and have people interact with me is truly remarkable. I don’t take that for granted because I know it won’t last forever. For now, while I’m here doing what I do, I’ll have fun and bring something unique to an event every time.

You’ll find a selection of my videos from the last few years on this page. I usually average about 30 keynotes a year. Every story I tell comes from a real place, is meticulously planned and factually based. I try to experiment with the audience’s emotions as much as possible and speak openly and honestly from first-hand experience.

Pete is an amazing speaker who will delight an audience large or small, and remains the only man I've ever seen bring a room to tears at a technology conference. Any opportunity to watch him speak is one to be taken with both hands.
Robert Belgrave
CEO, WireHive

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