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Hippo: Human-Focused Digital.


Don’t Do Things Better, Do Better Things

Keep designing the next version of something that exists, or the best version of something new?

Incorporating the psychological and philosophical fields into the design process, Pete Trainor takes us back to the fundamental questions, that drive us, and through a journey of design thinking, he asks one simple question, the one we have asked through all times… why?

Who is this book for ?

This book is for Designers, Entrepreneurs, Marketing managers, Small Businesses and anyone else who wants learn about the impacts digital has on an audience, and how to approach design differently.

  • A Philosophical Look At Design

    When we strip away all the technology, what are we left with? People.

  • Biological Power of Push and Pull

    A journey through the biologies and pathologies that shape our decision making, and how to design for them.

  • Human-Focused Ai and Data

    Living in a world with emerging technologies means trying to use them to do better things, rather than things better.

What the readers are saying.

Alberta Soranzo

Trainor’s book should be required reading for all of us who work in digital. In a world where it’s so easy to focus on the shiny things we build rather than the needs of the humans using them, and the outcomes we should be supporting, Hippo is a powerful reminder of the course we should be following. 


I loved this book! It is a thoughtful exploration of philosophical concepts in the context of digital design through the psychological lenses of how the human brain works. My main takeaway is that the purpose of design should be to make humans better, not just to incrementally improve technology.

Katrin Mahfuz

The Hippo Book is not about technology, it is about people, and this is why I absolutely love it! I am not anti-technology but I definitely am pro-people and I believe that everything we do should be benefiting us as human beings, not as users.

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Is this a design book?

Partially. In reality it’s a book that shines a designers lens over technology, Ai, Data, and the emerging behaviours created by everyday digital technology.

How big is it?

It’s a neat little tome. Not too big, and not too small. 400 pages made up of 12 small chapters. Each chapter is a reference to a particular theme on Human-Focused technology.

What makes this book different from other design or Ai books?

This is the first book of it’s kind to fuse the disciplines of data science, philosophy, Ai-thinking, and Design.

What formats is the book available in?

Hippo is currently available from all Amazon websites in Paperback, and Kindle. Hardback copies can be obtained for press-purposes on request.

Can I get a free copy?

If you are press, or a professional reviewer then yes I’m happy to send over a free copy. Visit the contact page and get in touch with details about your request.


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"Do Better Things."
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