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Over the past few years, Pete has also contributed chapters and commentary to other published books. Collaborating with thinkers from across the globe to help meld his knowledge into other works. Pete is available for contribution to publications, please get in touch to find out more. 

Fast Forward Files


Fast Foward Files v1: Opening Up

By Various

“Fast Forward Files: Opening Up“ is the tangible product of the inaugural Fast Forward Forum – a three-day conference filled to the brim with top-level speakers and in-depth discussions. The resulting book covers eight future and management topics from authors including Pete, vegan entrepreneur Heather Mills and Shazam co-founder Dhiraj Mukherjee.

Dhiraj Mukherjee, founder of Shazam 

‘Why thinking like a kid can help seal future success’. 

Markus Hengstschläger, Director of the Institute of Medical Genetics

‘The new normal? Why average is the enemy of tomorrow’s talent’.

Robin Farmanfarmaian, angel investor and VP of Actavalon

‘Health matters: Why it’s time to take charge of your own body.

Heimo Hammer, owner & CEO of Kraftwerk

‘The consumer in chaos: Moving between the fast and slow’.

Pete Trainor, Co-founder, Us Ai

‘Let’s not loose sight of what technology’s really for’. 

Heather Mills, CEO of VBites, investor and philanthropist

‘Soul food: The changing face of nutrition in today’s world’. 

Dave Birss, author & founder of

‘What man’s best friend can teach us about innovation’.

Carla Johnson, renowned keynote speaker & author, & Jon Buckhart, founder of marketing consultancy TBC Global

‘In the fight between chaos and structure, who wins?’.



Picnic Comma Lightning

By Laurence Scott

“A stylish, playful exploration of what digital life is doing to the way we find meaning in the world.”

Picnic Comma Lightning brings us further meditations on what digital life is doing to the way we find meaning in the world. Lawrence Scott ponders his world with a mix of delighted avidity, candour and melancholy. But this second book goes deeper, ranges even wider, and takes many different forms in the mind. It is a philosophical meditation on perceptions of reality, achieved by means of beguilingly playful moves from confession to anthropology to social analysis. It is also an elegy for two lost parents, who died in quick succession when the author was in his early 30s.

Pete was used as a subject matter expert and is interviewed in the book. Contributing commentary on the changing role of technology in people’s everyday lives, and how we give away our data so freely.

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